To introduce myself: my name is Sean-Miichael Fleming. I am an artist and designer, with experience in a wide array of mediums.

I was born and raised in New England, but have lived in New York City for almost twenty years now. I live in a archetypal "big funky loft" in a wicker furniture factory in Brooklyn.

I have designed for print and the web, as well as for the stage. I'm also a writer, illustrator, and do lighting, sets, and interior design. I am also a chef.

I have composed award-winning theatrical soundscapes, and designed art installations for major nightclubs and retail stores.

Through the collective diversity of my endeavors I have garnered unique problem-solving and communication abilities and many valuable skills that aid me in fulfilling my artistic vision(s).

And yes, I also sing and dance.

Best Regards, thanks for stopping by, and PEACE